Turin is a beautiful city located in the North of Italy, with historic architecture and the Alps as a backdrop.  Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region and is a great place to go for an authentic slice of Italy.  Here are my 5 top recommendations for things to see and do in Turin.

1.  Mole Antonelliana.  If there’s one thing you must do in Turin, it is to visit the viewing deck at the top of the Mole Antonelliana, to experience the incredible views of the city on high.  Standing tall at 167m, the Mole Antonelliana is the city’s most iconic building, with its unmissable domed spire that dwarfs all of the surrounding buildings.  Turin is located by the foothills of the Italian Alps and on a particularly clear day, they can be seen in the distance.

2.  Marvel at the Architecture.  If you are an architecture-lover, there is plenty to feast your eyes on in Turin.  Turin was the first capital city of Italy and it remains one of Italy’s cultural and historic hubs, filled with traditional, grand buildings.

3.  Enjoy the local cuisine.  Not only does Turin boast stunning, traditional architecture but it also has a thriving food and drink scene, as we discovered during our tour of the Menabrea Brewery.  Lovers of Italian cuisine (which is probably most of us) won’t be disappointed.

Turin is chiefly located on the banks of the River Po and there is a great array of quaint, alfresco restaurants with lovely views out over the water.  I highly recommend keeping the area in mind for a bite to eat once you have worked up an appetite from exploring.

4.  Have some gelato.  Whilst we are on the topic of food, something that I feel warrants a mention is the fact that Turin is home to Nutella and you can get some pretty mean Nutella gelato (in fact I had the best gelato of my life in Turin from Grom).  If that isn’t reason enough to visit then I don’t know what is!

5.  Browse the local markets.  Local produce markets reveal so much about a country – which is exactly why I love exploring them.  You can get a real insight into what a country produces, what the locals buy and you just never know what weird and wonderful things that you are going to find.  When we came across a local produce market in Turin, we couldn’t forgo the temptation to peruse the market’s vibrant array of treats.  You can spend hours exploring, photographing and nibbling.  With all of the locally grown produce, you can get a real taste of the local area.  It’s a must!

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