Located just a stone’s throw from the Swiss capital of Geneva, the city of Lausanne is well worth a visit.  Lausanne has all the makings of an incredible city, with captivating architecture, fantastic shopping and an array of both traditional and trendy bars and restaurants.  That’s not to mention its breathtaking scenery, with a stunning backdrop of towering Alps dusted with snow and sprawling views of Lake Geneva.  Here are my recommendations for things to see and do in Lausanne.

1.  Enjoy the views.  From many vantage points across Lausanne, breathtaking glimpses of the Alps can be observed – there are not many cities around the world that boast such stunning natural scenery.  These incredible views are what captivate most visitors when they first arrive in Lausanne, but there are plenty more aspects of intrigue to behold.

2.  Escaliers du Marché.  One of the many things that you must do in Lausanne is to walk up (or down) the Escaliers du Marché, which is a wooden staircase erected back in the 17th century.  It makes for a great leg workout and the views from the top make the effort well worthwhile. 

3.  Drink and dine.  Lausanne is a fantastic city for those who love great food – from local and traditional to global and contemporary cuisine, there is a whole range of eateries to suit all tastes.  During my trip, we dined at a lot of different venues but my favourite of all by far was Brasserie De Montbenon.  It has some of the best views of the Alps and Lake Geneva in the city and the Swiss/French food that it serves is rather delightful too.  I highly recommend checking it out!

4.  Visit Geneva.  If you visit Lausanne, I would highly recommend jumping on the train to nearby Geneva for an excursion or vice versa, if you visit Geneva then don’t miss out on Lausanne.  The journey between the two cities only takes around 40 minutes and it’s a great way to make the most of your trip to Switzerland.

5.  The Olympic Museum.  Lausanne is famed for being the Olympic capital of the world and if you are a big fan of the games then the Olympic Museum is the place to go.  The Olympic Museum is home to one of the most extensive repositories of Olympic memorabilia the world over.  It was fully refurbished in 2012 and as such, it’s modern and slick, comprising of a fascinating range of both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

After spending a good couple of hours looking around the exhibition, I would recommend heading to the TOM Cafe to grab something to eat.  The food is great, as are the views.

6.  Hot Chocolate.  Le Barbare, is a cosy traditional style Swiss cafe located right by the Escaliers du Marché.  We had been reliably informed that Le Barbare serves the best Swiss hot chocolate in town, so of course we had to try it for ourselves.  The hot chocolate was divine – it wasn’t sickly or overly sweet like hot chocolate can often be, instead it was perfectly warming, rich and indulgent, like a hug in a mug, all topped with a mountain of whipped cream, naturally.  If you visit the Lausanne, you must try it for yourself.

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