Luxury hospitality brand, Lebua, has made its European debut with its new restaurant, Breeze, located in Frankfurt at the Steigenberger Hotel.  Lebua’s portfolio of venues comprises of hotels and restaurants across the globe, including the world-famous Sirocco Sky Bar in Bangkok, which was featured last year by USA Today as one of the world’s “top 10 most cutting-edge restaurants”. 

Breeze has a menu of theatrical, Pan-Asian dishes that utilise cutting-edge culinary techniques, served in an ambient setting, to create a sensual and immersive dining experience.  Breeze boasts an exciting lineup of chefs, including Chef de Cuisine, Poon Kam Loong, who has previously worked at Hakkasan.  Celebrity Consultant Chef, Sam Leong, who is a superstar of the culinary world, having published his own book and made a name for himself as a television personality.  The likes of George Bush, Bill Clinton and even our Queen have enjoyed his food, so I couldn’t wait to experience it for myself!

From the minute you walk down the dimly-lit spiral staircase to the underground restaurant space, you feel immersed by the atmosphere – you will know that you have arrived somewhere very special.  Its sensual interior design is inspired by nature, with exposed stone, open water and gigantic blooms of magenta orchids.  There’s little wonder why the restaurant’s interior is so exceptional as it was designed by Eight Inc, one of the most prestigious global design brands, responsible for the famous Apple store on 5th Avenue in New York.

Stir‐fried Atlantic lobster, crunchy kailan, foie gras sauce.  The Chef’s Tasting Menu kicked off with a dish of tender lobster which contrasted nicely in texture with the crunchy bed of kailan that it was served on, all perfectly balanced with the rich foie gras sauce.

Black cod, egg white, baby pakchoi, black vinegar.  Next up, there was a stunning piece of melt-in-the-mouth black cod with a simplistic marinade of black vinegar, which brought out the flavour of the fish.

Crispy chicken ‘Thai’ style, mango, shallot.  The delightfully crisp chicken contrasted perfectly with the texture and tanginess of the mango cubes.  This well-executed dish cleverly utilised authentic Thai ingredients and flavours to create something modern.

Wagyu beef tenderloin, mildly spiced green pepper sauce, ginger‐scallion fried rice.  This dish consisted of incredibly tender Wagyu beef with aromatic rice.  It was satisfying and packed with flavour.

Dehydrated chocolate, mandarin orange Chantilly, Sichuan pepper sorbet, citrus mist.  It was out with a bang with a wonderfully theatrical dessert.  Plumes of aromatic mist formed when you poured the citrus-infused liquid over the dry ice that was contained below.  The dessert itself had a nice contrast of textures, with the dehydrated chocolate shards and the smooth Chantilly and sorbet.

Joined by Becky founder of Global Grasshopper and Jordan Kensington CEO of the Invincible Group.

Not only is the food at Breeze word-class, but the cocktails are exceptional too, as we discovered.  Master mixologist, Joao Paulo Feliciano Franco, is the brains behind Breeze’s show-stopping new cocktails list, not to mention the creator of the world-famous ‘Hangovertini’.

Cocktail – Bold & Beautiful.  Contains whiskey, lavender, Chambord, lemon and cedarwood smoke. 

Cocktail – Bombay Chai.  Contains rum, Grand Marnier, Chai tea and lime. 

Cocktail – Saketini by the Sea.  Contains sake, wasabi, ginger, mango, lime.  

Cocktail – Summer Blossom.  Contains gin, cinnamon, peach, grapefruit and chamomile. 

It wasn’t just the incredible food and cocktails at Breeze that we had flown out to Germany to experience, but also it’s official launch soirée.  The party saw the grand unveiling of the restaurant’s iconic focal point, the painting of the Lady in Orange, presented by the CEO of Lebua, Deepak Ohari himself.  After chatting to Deepak about Lebua’s European debut, it was clear that he had massively surpassed what he had hoped to achieve, with the launch of Breeze. 

From the stunning interior design to cutting-edge modern dishes and the elite team of chefs and mixologists, Breeze is a place at epitomises all things exceptional.  I can’t recommend it enough. 

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