When it comes to life hacks, I’m a big fan, and my makeup routine is no exception to this.  Allow me to introduce you to Trinny London makeup.  I’d describe it as a busy girl’s best friend and a travel essential for girls on the go.  Intrigued? Read on!
Trinny London makeup is a bit different from the norm – the ultra-pigmented products are compact and contained in pots that can be stacked.  I love the minimalist concept behind it.  All of the products are remarkably blendable and cream-based and can be applied with fingers.  This makes it super easy to apply your makeup in record speed, on the go.  They have also been designed to cut down the need to carry around paraphernalia like brushes and makeup bags. I love everything about it.
The range has only just recently been launched and is by fashion aficionado, Trinny Woodall, who shares a wealth of fantastic beauty and fashion advice on social media.  Now, I’m not usually one to buy into celebrity ranges but I thought the stack concept was so great that I just couldn’t resist.


The first thing that warrants a mention is the fact that packaging is on point.  Your heart might just skip a beat when you unbox your stack – the combination of neon yellow and silver is simply gorgeous and standout.  If you purchase over 6 pots, you get a beautiful gift box.  If you purchase 7 or more (like me) you’ll also get a lovely makeup bag, which will definitely come in handy.
I can’t believe that nobody thought of the stack concept before – it just makes sense.  It looks slick, modern and very attractive.  I don’t think that they could have done a better job with it.  It’s both functional and fashionable and I’m sure that any lady would be happy to have one in her handbag.  The T-pots, as they are known, stack with ease.  Meaning you can simply snap together your chosen makeup look for that day, chuck it in your bag and you’re good to go.

Eye2Eye Eyeshadow

I purchased 4 of the Eye2Eye eyeshadow shades, in Magician, Chariot, Wisdom and Universe. 
Magician is a mushroom, taupe colour with extremely finely milled shimmer.  It’s a great neutral colour and perfect for day-to-night wear.  It looks like it has a very subtle purple hue when I wear it.  Universe is an off-black colour with specks of silver glitter and is perfect for a smokey eye.  On the website, it says that it can also be used as an eyeliner, which I’ve tried.  It’s good to use around the eyes for a smudged, lined look but I wouldn’t say it could be used to tightline very effectively, at least not in my experience.  Chariot is a dark, black/oxidised gold colour with specks of gold glitter.  Wisdom is a matte neutral colour with a hint of blush, perfect for daytime wear and a great base colour.
The eyeshadows are beautiful colours and are very pigmented – a touch of the product is enough to do your eyelid.  That said, they are more slippy than I was expecting, so you get a somewhat translucent wash of colour.  It takes about 2-3 coats to get a completely opaque colour, so it won’t look as it does in the pot on your eye, at least not straight away.  This makes them great for building up to transform your day look into a night look.
They definitely serve their purpose and save on the headache of eyeshadow fallout that you get with powders.  But I won’t be sacking in powder eyeshadows completely just yet.  When it comes to more complicated and precise winged and cut crease looks, I feel you do need to use powder eyeshadow and a brush, which I personally couldn’t achieve with these because of the slip.  But all in all, it does what it says on the tin.


 I also purchased The Right Light highlighter in Starlight.  It is probably the best highlighter that I have ever used.  In the pot, it’s quite deceiving in that it looks like it would be matte but when it’s applied it has the most finely milled shimmer.  It gives a really seamless look and healthy glow, bringing light to where it’s applied but in an undetectable way, even up close.  A little goes a long way too.  With this, you can rest assured that you won’t have a face like a disco ball.  It’s a very clever, quality product.



I opted for the Just a Touch foundation/concealer in the shade Trintron.  The colour is very pigmented and covers pretty much everything.  You can apply it to problem areas as and where it’s required and you only need the smallest amount.  It’s perfect for those days where you don’t wish to wear a full face of foundation.


The Cheekbones cream contour in Kate really is a wonder product and one of my favourite of the lot.  When it comes to contour products, it can really be hit and miss.  It’s so hard to get the right colour and texture that’s both effective, yet undetectable at the same time.  I feel that this has both.  In the pot, it looks rather a strange colour but when you blend it into the skin it provides such a great contour.  It’s like the colour of shadow.  The product is very ‘slippy’ too, meaning that as you blend it in, it’s very forgiving and needn’t be used with trepidation.  I like it a lot.


Trinny London products are currently available exclusively online.  When it comes to deciding which colours to get, there’s a clever piece of software called Match2Me on the website which aggregates your hair, skin and eye colour to give you recommendations for what would suit you.



I am very impressed and happy with my Trinny London products.  It certainly is the answer to a foolproof way to get a pulled-together look in seconds.  What’s more, all of the products are cruelty-free.  I can definitely see myself purchasing more in the future.

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