If you are partial to a spot of retail therapy then you may be glad to know that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping in the Swiss city of Lausanne.  From high-end outlets to locally-grown produce and quirky independent stores – there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.  Allow me to give you a little insight into Lausanne’s shopping scene – let’s start off with a little luxury, shall we?

1. Globus Department Store.  From the moment you step into Swiss department store, Globus, you are transported to a luxury retail haven.  It boasts incredibly grand and painstakingly arranged shopping displays that are simply stunning.  There are Globus outlets in most major cities across Switzerland and I would highly recommend visiting one if you get the chance.

I was also proud to see Cornish Sea Salt over in Switzerland – it’s always so nice to see Cornish products on sale all around the world!

We also loved this very fancy olive oil which comes in a wonderful Art Deco style glass bottle and looks more like it should be a luxury perfume or aftershave.  It’s a culinary accessory that will look good on anyone’s kitchen top!

2. Particules Fines.  Particules Fines is a real gem of a shop which we happened to discover by chance when its quirky window displays lured us in for a closer look.  From gin making kits to bizarre flavoured chocolates, everything that it sells is interesting.  It’s one of those shops that you walk into and want to buy everything that you clap eyes on.  If you consider yourself adventurous when it comes to food and drink then I promise that you will see something in this shop that you will want to bring back with you.

3. Lausanne Market.  Each week on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, Lausanne hosts an open-air market, selling everything from vibrant bunches of blooms to loaves of freshly baked bread.  It is worth checking out to get a glimpse of its gorgeous displays alone and is a great place to take some photos.

4. Chic Cham.  During our visit to Lausanne, we were lucky enough to be shown around by Pauline Martinet, the author of The Places We Love (make sure you grab a free copy when you visit for an insight into all of the unmissable attractions in Lausanne). Pauline owns an amazing furniture studio in the suburbs that sells designer Pinterest-worthy pieces that would look incredible in any modern, minimalist flat.  All of which she has hand-selected.

5. Manor.  Manor is a department store located in Lausanne’s city centre – it’s not quite as fancy as the aforementioned Globus department store but it’s a great place to pick up a few bits and pieces to take back with you from your trip.  There are also some really gorgeous food and grocery displays and it’s a great place to grab lunch to go.

6. Librairie.  We are now coming to the end of our little tour so if you want to grab a little something to flick through on the plane home, the Librairie is the place to do it.  This ultra-cool independent book shop is bursting at the seams with interesting reads, erotic postcards and comic books.  There’s also a mini art gallery on the top floor, which is well worth a little look around.

Finally, we rounded the shopping spree off in the best way possible, with a glass of wine at a lovely rustic bar.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into Lausanne’s shopping scene and of course, there is plenty more that I’ve not managed to pack into this article.  I guess you will just have to see the rest for yourself!  If you visit Switzerland, don’t forget to include Lausanne on your itinerary, especially you shopping lovers…yes I am looking at you!

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