Today’s deep and meaningful blog post comes in the form of my current luxury wishlist. In all seriousness, I really like having a ‘lust list’ because I find it motivating. It’s nice to have something in mind to save for and treat yourself to for a special occasion. Also, I am passionate about luxury style – particularly items such as shoes and handbags.  I find that the quality tends to be higher and you get far better longevity, moreover satisfaction than something off the high street, making it well worth the extra splurge.

If you are a guy reading this, feel free to exit any time now because the subject matter of this blogpost will no doubt bore you to tears.  Anyway, on to the good stuff!

Prada ‘Double Bag Large’ in black and pink – available here

In the quest to find the perfect work bag, I happened across the Prada Double Bag and have since concluded that it is the one. What I love about this bag is its classic and understated look which would pair perfectly with smart and casual outfits alike. As its name suggests, the bag comprises of two main compartments, making it incredibly functional, with plenty of space for day-to-day essentials such as a laptop, water bottle and so on. The Prada Double Bag comes in several different colours but I am in love with the version with the black Saffiano leather, rose pink interior and gold hardware (which is always my preference). No doubt this bag is hideously expensive but I have convinced myself that it’s worth the investment and so it will probably be my next luxury purchase. These bags are incredibly well made and I just know I will use it so much.

Louis Vuitton 4 key holder in Monogram Vernis in ‘Cherry’ – available here

I’ve been looking for a keyholder to safeguard the contents of my handbag from being scratched up by my keys and the Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis key holder seems to fit the bill. I love the fact that it is compact, holding only 4 keys (which is all I need) and that it’s bright red and therefore should be easy to find!

Gianvito Rossi ‘Plexi 85’ leather pumps – available here

I had these Gianvito Rossi pumps on my Lust List when I started drafting this blog post and have subsequently got them. I have to say that they are worth every penny as I’ve worn them to death and I’ve also brought the flat version of these too. I feel like the iconic Rossi design has become classic and it’s not going anywhere any time soon (despite the plethora of the high street look-alikes). Don’t fear the deceptively scary-looking PVC panelling, they are remarkably comfortable to wear too.

Chloe ‘Rosie’ sunglasses in metal – available here

I’m pretty satisfied with my sunglasses collection – I only have a couple of pairs and that’s enough for me. 9 times out of 10, I reach for my trusty go-to pair of YSL sunglasses that have served me well over the years. However, I then came across the Chloe Rosie sunglasses and have since decided that there is room for one more pair. I think they look incredibly chic and I adore the scallop detailing around the edges. They make a statement without being too ‘extra’…which I’m always keen to avoid.

Mulberry ‘Micro Seaton’ black croc – available here

I have been in the market for a mock-croc bag for some time but just couldn’t find the right one until I came across the Mulberry Micro Seaton. I knew the minute I clapped eyes on it that I wanted one. I love its vintage look with the glossy black mock-croc leather and brushed gold hardware. I don’t mind that I’m late to the party on the mock-croc trend – I’m not really one to follow fashion fads anyway. However, this has such a classic overall look that it would never go out of fashion.

Diorama ‘Wallet on Chain’ clutch in ‘champagne’ – available here

I have a bit of a penchant for metallic accessories, which is probably why I love the Diorama ‘wallet on a chain’ in champagne so much. It’s such a beautiful bag, from the intricate details to the unique colour and the fact that there is no external branding on it. It’s a statement piece that’s not overly flashy and would elevate any outfit.

Louis Vuitton ‘Lock It’ flat mule in ‘Cacao’ – available here

These gorgeous Louis Vuitton mules are perfect for the warmer months. I’m not massively into mules but these look so chic and would pair perfectly with a pair of rolled-up denim jeans or shorts – especially in this versatile tan colour. They are a great investment to see you through many summers. I just love them.

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