Singapore is one of my favourite city destinations.  It has all the makings of a great city – it’s clean, modern, safe and beautifully designed.  Moreover, there is no shortage of great places to drink, dine and shop.  Here are my top recommendations for things to see and do in Singapore.

1. Marina Bay laser show.  Every night there are spectacular 3D laser shows at Marina Bay, known as ‘Spectra’.  The super-powerful lasers dance in the sky from the tops of the highrise buildings that surround Marina Bay.  There are also pyrotechnics and mind-blowing surround sound.  It’s an immersive, cinematic, multi-sensory experience that is particularly exciting for children to watch.  I can’t recommend it enough – I was incredibly impressed when I watched it for the first time.

2.  Enjoy the view over dinner and drinks.  One of the most recognised and iconic buildings on Singapore’s skyline is the Marina Bay Sands hotel. It happens to be one of the top places to grab a cocktail and a bite to eat over stunning views of the city.  I would also recommend 1-Altitude, the world’s highest alfresco bar and my personal favourite in Singapore.

3. Supertree Grove.  The Supertree Grove is a collection of huge tree-like sculptures that light up in a spectrum of different colours, synchronised to music.  They are very impressive to say the least.  There’s also a sky bridge where you can walk from one supertree to the other and get a closer look at them.  Checking out the Supertree Grove is a must when you visit Singapore. 

4. Sentosa Island. Just a short journey away from the city centre is Sentosa Island, home to Singapore Universal Studios.  It’s a great destination if you are looking for nightlife with its beach-side bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

5. Chinatown.  Singapore’s Chinatown is another great place to grab a bite to eat.  It’s colourful, bustling and operates late into the night.  It’s not just the food and the culture that makes Singapore’s Chinatown well worth a visit – every Saturday at 6:45pm there is a spectacular lion dance performance at Kreta Ayer Square.

6. The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.  Located just a stone’s throw away from Marina Bay, the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are futuristic glass structures that act like massive greenhouses.  They remind me a lot of the Eden Project in Cornwall.  The Flower Dome boasts a whole host of different flowers from across the globe, with its colourful sea of blooms.  The Cloud Forest replicates a high altitude environment – it’s essentially a small indoor mountain and is equipped with an indoor waterfall!

7.  Shopping.  Singapore is a world-class destination for shopping and it’s a big part of the local culture.  If you love to spend, Singapore is the destination for you.  There are many malls to choose from so you are spoilt for choice.

8. Botanic Gardens.  It’s quite hard to believe that the tranquil verdant grounds of Singapore Botanic Gardens are just a stone’s throw away from the city centre.  The Botanic Gardens are used in a number of ways by a whole range of people.  In the morning, locals practice Tai Chi and throughout the day, Singaporeans and foreigners alike take walks, exercise and have picnics within its bounds.  It’s the perfect place to go for a little getaway from Singapore’s all-go city centre.

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Singapore has all the makings of a great city - it's exceedingly modern, slick and immaculately clean.  On a personal level, Singapore is one of my favourite city destinations and I adore walking around it at night when it lights up.  What's more, it's an incredibly...